problem winning games?!

Not sure if anyone has this problem:  I have a silver level 5 team, with two prime players, and my team strength is 44765.  When I play weekend events or bonus games, I only win about 2 or 3 out of every 10 games, even when I play against teams that have much lower team strength (about 5k to 8k lower than me).  What gives?  I also have a pretty lousy win-loss record (1910-2203) - everyone else in my club wins at least 50-60% of their games. 


  • JudgedexJudgedex New Member Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Its not just the star amount or the team strength numbers that count... Its where those numbers sit.

    Ill take a 4 star position player with higher hit strength over a prime player with higher power. You have to get on base.

    Same goes for the pitchers, it's ALWAYS better to have a pitcher with higher stuff than any other number in his description. He throws 100 mph and has great control but his stuff numbers are horrible lol.

    Id rather walk a guy than to give up 5 runs on 1 swing.

    The moral is..... Hit and stuff. Higher the better!!!

  • Tmont8Tmont8 Member 7 Posts
    GLUU handicaps your team for all events, you'll lose more than 50% on games you are evenly matched in.
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