Flagged for no Reason. Three Times.

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My account has been flagged twice in December and I'm flagged once again in January. No one is telling me why I'm being Flagged. I don't have a super team all my gold I have I had I either won or purchased. I'mnot getting any club points my club are getting.  I need help. 


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    I also have the same issue tried to email and contact every email I could find no respond I started the game two weeks ago playing almost 16hr a day spent a good amount of money to level my self up as fast as possible watch lots of videos came 4th in a tournament finally after weeks of hard work and boom jailed... called me a cheater using an exploit I don't even know what that means... what honest people get in trouble without warning tried to contacting app customer support [TSB] blueleopard and [TSB] Ryyst no response I'm so pissed I did love this game but can now that my donations and club play is killed off 
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    It's in the game's Terms and Service that Glu reserves the right to give any reason for a banning.  The reason we don't give a reason is because it's too easy for an exploiter to pinpoint something to make it look like they're cheating less.

    That's all I'm gonna say about that.  The next person who makes a topic about being flagged will be banned on the spot.

    If you take it up to me and don't get a response within 3 days, nothing will be done to your account for reasons you should already be aware of.
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