Players disappearing from my roster! HELP!!!!

sqg491sqg491 Registered Users, Member 101 Posts
I logged into my account last night and saw that I lost Corey Seager and DeGrom from my roster! Also multiple players got reset back to bronze from silver and about 8 other 4 & 4.5 star players that I stashed and locked for bonus events all disappeared!

Some of my club-mates said it happened to them and then everything went back to normal in a day or so, but mine hasn't been fixed. I've spent over $300 in 2018 so far and this is crazy! I need a reasonable solution to this or I will have to go to iTunes to start trying to get refunds. I enjoy the game and I don't want to chase refunds, but I paid for the gold and bought picks and those players were part of what I paid for. They can't just be taken away for no reason and not compensated for.
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