Is there a way to reset your team?

I picked the Giants as my team only because they now have Andrew McCutchen, my favorite player, and I wanted him on my team. I play the first game only to find he's not even on the roster. First of all, which team's roster is he on? The Pirates or none at all? Second of all, I hate the Giants (I'm a Royals fan) so there's no reason for me to be the Giants at all. Is there any way I can reset everything and restart? 


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    sqg491sqg491 Registered Users, Member 101 Posts
    delete the app and download it again.... if that doesn't work and it brings you back to the same team then back up the team you don't want with an e-mail address (doesn't have to be verified) and then delete the app and re-install and that will reset everything
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    redlegrejectsredlegrejects Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    You can also just change the team identity in the settings.not every player on a specific team will be on the one you pick.some are higher tier players.for example,I’m a reds fan,I chose the reds.but guess what?no joey votto on my team.why?he’s an upper level/tier player.my guess mccutcheon is as well.he will be available later as a special player,either as a reward for achievement or a reward in an purchased box
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    ClericTavenClericTaven Registered Users, Member 132 Posts
    As you discovered, any TSB Starter team has minor league 2nd stringers and a handful of so-so key starters. You will end up drafting better players from every ‘other’ teams.

    My TSB17 team still has a few Rockies, but I only kept them for Season play swaps.
    (BTW: I do have Andrew McCutchen, as a Pirate drafted outfielder, but no Charlie “Nasty” Blackmon, yet!)
    The “Live” Game hitter’s bonus is what you really need to decide upon.
    If you change to the Royals, no matter who started on your TSB18 team, their is a benefit when listening / watching while you play baseball.
    ~ Andrew
    TSB19 - SF bay Area
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    jasperwilde09jasperwilde09 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
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