Walk of Hero Changes

superbaldy77superbaldy77 Registered Users, Member 144 Posts
Allow bunting, stealing and allow us to decide if we want runners to advance. Also i would pay gold to allow pinch hitting so that we could do lefty vs righty on the fly. Allow us to select any player to rotate in.


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    BigpredfanBigpredfan Registered Users 3,306 Posts
    At least you start with a 3-0 count every at bat. Some features are worse about walk-off, but some are better too
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    dots1031dots1031 Registered Users, Member 89 Posts
    There are major consistency issues with the pitches that are called balls and strikes in real games and in walk off games respectively. 
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    ghostofmiggypastghostofmiggypast Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    Walk-off Hero suffers from the same issue encountered in the new VS mode. A batter with a rating 150 points higher than the pitcher shouldn't struggle to hit the ball out of the infield.

    And, what's with beating Level 2 Tier 2 only giving a reward of $200 when just about every other cash reward is $2500 and above? Daniel Norris can't be that bad of a pitcher.
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