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Here is my current Slugfest roster, I’ve had a lot of problems completing Level 5 as I’ve described in a few other posts.  After a few levels this past weekend (Going 4-0 in CvC Sunday was huge for both my regular roster and sluggers), what would you guys rate my chances of completing Level 5 and then possibly cycling this event again at some point (1 win during Silver which gave me Harper back then)?


  • jhambombsquadjhambombsquad Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
    Its luck of the draw...cycling comes down to how the other guy hits.  One week I literally get through
    without a week I get hung up the last guy.  Just gotta play...once you add a prime or two things will happen easier 
  • 4orty4orty4orty4orty Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    Mookie Wilson at Level 5, Round 10 is no joke. He routinely gets 6300 points so you're best bet is getting a round where he only goes 9 out of 10 and you go 10 for 10. Bellinger will likely need a gold boost, he should be able to hit 500 ft bombs regularly at that level, but again, Mookie is going to hit some that are 545+ and if you both go 10/10, he'll get you on total feet. Don't give up, he does falter every couple of tries!
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    @redlegs2018u without wanting to discourage you it is going to be very tough for you cycling if level 5 is already hard as most of what you'd be facing towards the end are sluggers that outrank you greatly being primes & legends. You may want to invest, if you don't mind spending the gold, in one or two specialty sluggers that are available during the event and see if that helps. Those sluggers are for one event though and would disappear from your roster selection after the event is over and it's not guaranteed you'll get one that would actually help in the later stages.
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  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 1,042 Posts
    I’ve dabbled in those buster boxes and have had mixed results as they seem to be about as good (the 4-4.5 star ones I’ve gotten) as my top 2.  My main thing even if I don’t cycle is clearing Level 5 as even that will blunt some of the prime experience cost demands, currently 3 primes at levels Gold 8, Gold 5 and Silver 9.  I appreciate the insight and I’ll keep pressing on.
  • HoumyHoumy Registered Users, Member 3,828 Posts
    @redlegs2018u you are right about the buster boxes as they do have mixed results. Another thing you may want to try is to not use Ozuna in round 8 on level 5 and use Harper or Bellinger instead and then use gold to restart them for their turn.
    "OOPS... WE NEED TO RESTART" - GLU ca. 2019

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