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I have a player in my club who has a team that is 93k team strength. He is platinum level. He doesn’t score very many points during the CVC events and we can’t understand why. I am at gold level with a 97k team and can score by using gold on multipliers over a million points. He tried the gold as well but still can’t score that many points. Does anyone know why? I am wondering if it is the level he is at. 


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    I have a pretty good silver team(83.6k team str; pitching sucks) and I can't score much either. When I auto, it's pathetic. When I manual, it's decent, but nowhere near many guys that are much lower rated. Any help would also be greatly appreciated.
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    It's just a matter of luck. Some teams are consistently better. Others are worse. I, unfortunately, am on the worse side. My highest autoplays are around 6000 with my average being about 50. Manual gives me around 500, scaling to 10000. One of my friends, on the other hand, autoplays rounds of 50k and goes up to 100k and more. And we don't have bad teams either.
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