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This is one of the things that drives me bonkers. I have a prime Snell w/ skill and have been building him up over time (3 to 4 months). 

Another guy from our club pulled a POTM Snell a couple of days ago and low and behold, he proceeds to crush with him during the bonus game event yesterday, vaulting our team to the top 10. While he was getting 40-80k per bonus game, I was only getting 4-8k, and I even had prime Braun and a skilled Yelich to assist me.

What’s the point of building up a prime Snell w/ skill (which states is for events) and then only allow for the POTM Snell to get those huge bonus points? I wish they'd give bonuses to the player (whichever 20 versions you may have of him) instead of just one version.


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    If we already had a version of the player for a specific club event, we wouldn't buy the boxes.
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    @LudwigMonster at least we'll be done with the POM & POW players in a couple of weeks. I don't mind the post season boxes as at least they wouldn't lose any power/boost if you are lucky to pull a prime.
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    @Houmy I think being done with POTMs and POTWs is a bad thing...those are some of the best odds going.  They'll be replaced with something far more frustrating, in all likelihood. 
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    @Metsicans the odds may be good for POM & POW but the players will basically be 5* with skills after they lose their boost and this late in the season regular or even 5* with skills are on most teams inactives. Hopefully they'll give better odds to the post season boxes as well.
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    I agree with @LudwigMonster on this. It makes the idea of building players and teams over the course of the season completely irrelevant. A new user with a bronze team can get a lucky pull from a box and put up 100 million points in an event. Meanwhile, the guys who have been building their teams throughout the season and leveling them up need to spend hundreds of dollars just to keep up knowing they're just going to trade in half of their players the following week to clear space. 

    It also creates some quite farcical rosters. One of my clubmates has 5 versions of Chris Sale, 5 versions of Craig Kimbrel, and 4 versions of JD Martinez. He also has Prime Kinsler, Prime Boegarts, and a special version of Nunez. His 22 man roster only contains 8 different players, all of whom are Red Sox. Makes maxing out his team pennants really easy, I suppose. 

    I think the solution here is to create one base version of all players. Instead of issuing a new version every time they want to make someone a bonus player, they could simply issue a special upgrade to that base player, which would either apply for a limited time or be permanent depending on the upgrade. They could then attach the bonus points to the upgrade badges appended to the players. 

    As an example, if I pulled Cleveland Ramirez from this weekend's box, I'd actually be getting two things: a base player Ramirez and a Cleveland Playoff push upgrade. If I pulled Jose Ramirez from the July POTM box, I'd have gotten the same base player Ramirez but with a POTM upgrade. 

    GLU could offer the same boxes as now, but they could also add a new box for those users who already have a certain base player but want the upgrade. For example, if I pulled Jose Ramirez from a draft pick back in May and have kept him on my roster, I could buy one of these Event Upgrade boxes to apply the Cleveland Playoff Push upgrade to my base player. I could do the same with POTM and POTW upgrades. 

    Then, GLU could give an entire menu of bonus points for a certain player. If you have just the base Snell, you get 500/k. If you have Snell with Prime Upgrade, you get 1000/k. If you have base Snell with a specific Event Upgrade, you get 2500/k. If you have Snell with Prime Upgrade and the specific Event Upgrade, you get 5000/k. If you have Snell with POTM, Prime, and Event Upgrade, you get 10,000/k. 

    Now, it makes sense to build players and your roster. 
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    100% agree miggy. I have every version of sale as well and it gets old having to chose which players to lock and unlock. Why couldnt those sales all be condensed into one player card? I have been on the fence dropping players lately just because i have so many multiples of the same players. Multiple cespedes, sale, kimbrel, arenado, bryant, j ramirez, kluber, trout, and now 3 mookies why even have 2 prime mookies? The ice bucket isnt even as good as my prime with skill. If your going to release a near identical version of a guy at least make him an upgrade. Having a 185 and 189 does nothing.
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