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Be honest... how much do you use auto play? Do you use it during season mode? Bonus games, etc.? Or do you find it more effective and rewarding to play through everything?

Note: when I do decide to auto play during a sprint/bonus event, I win more than 85% of the time.


  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    I autoplay season mode all the way thru, when I played tuesday/thursday/weekend events, I autoplayed everything (rarely play them at all now), cvc I mostly manually played until recently where I've switched around and mostly autoplay due to the better results, derby/woh I autoplay until the 6th round of levels 2 thru 5 then manual from there. Note: I have 3 teams and cvc results differ wildly between them, so 2 of my teams I must manually play about 80% of the time to get any points, while the 3rd team autoplay has the edge.
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    I use it a lot .Especially during bonus events .Its quicker and I'm winning at close to 90% clip. Just check strength of opponent. If they're 70% of your team you can roll through. I don't use it as much in season mode. But it can help you against tough pitching and get to your bullpen faster
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    Same for me.  I use it for everything except for the majority of slugger and WOH.  It's a time thing for me, if I had the time to spend on it I would manually play more.
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    Yep I autoplay everything but the last 3 rounds in WoH and Slugfest. Occasionally on bonus games if I have a bonus player and the game is close I will manually play to make sure I keep the lead or take the lead and win for the points. I also manually play against friendly matchups. And CVC if I have a high multiplier I will continue play manually. 
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    It's a time thing for me.  I autoplay everything except for last three levels of WOH and Slugfest.  Occasionally, I will manually play a level of autoplay has not beat it after a couple of times.
  • MattattackMattattack Registered Users 1,971 Posts
    I almost always autoplay everything.  Usually with WOH I'd autoplay the first 5 rounds of levels 3,4,5 before manually playing.  Autoplay all but the last 3 in level 1 and 2 because why spend gold
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    Great question @LudwigMonster... My two cents.  Wish they would get rid of auto play entirely for CVC. I’d like to see and compete with club members manually banging out hits. My guess is most wouldn’t come close to replicating their insane high scores. I actually still take a lot of enjoyment from playing most games/events manually. Season mode I auto play most and sometimes auto play to just face just relievers or just a particular starter in weekend/sprint. Also love to auto play a weekend event to build a stats picture of a new player, though less as I’ve advanced through 
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    @Thunderstormer I'd love to just see the CvC logic/alog that determines a team's output. I've seen solid teams crush while mine is unbelievably pathetic. I've even lined up my team up to a 'good' CvC team and still nothing but crap scores. 
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  • BigpredfanBigpredfan Registered Users 3,306 Posts
    Back to back autoplays for me today


    id like more consistency. 
  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    Since the last update my scores have gone down considerably, whether manual or autoplay, from an average of around 500k per match to barely 100k.
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  • miggyrisingmiggyrising Registered Users, Member 162 Posts
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    Monday Walk Off: I autoplay rounds 1-7 on Levels 1-4 except Roark on Level 2, Olsen on Level 3, and Cole on Level 4. Those pitchers, along with Cessa on Level 1 seem to be the traps where autoplay inexplicably loses regardless of how strong your hitter is. On Level 5, I'll autoplay Rounds 1-4. I manually play 5-10. I start on 5.5 because I love hitting homers off Grienke. 

    Tuesday Prime Events: I autoplay everything. I only play the free energy and wait for it to refresh. I'm not wasting gold on Sprint events that reward people who cheat to manipulate boxes for bonus players. 

    Wednesday Slugfest: Slugfest is the only unique event on Wednesday, so it gets it's own section. I autoplay Rounds 1-7 on Levels 1-5. My sluggers are as strong as they get in the game right now, so I don't usually experience any issues. On Level 6, I autoplay Rounds 1-4 usually. My personal rule is that I'll autoplay until I lose to the same opponent 3 consecutive times. Then, I'll play manually from there on. I've autoplayed on Level 7, but I prefer to play it manually. If my slugger is more than 10 percent stronger than the opponent, I'll autoplay until I lose 3 times. 

    Thursday Bonus Games: I haven't played Bonus Games very much recently. Yesterday was the first day I played more than 200 in a very long time mostly because I had POTM Trout. I find this event to be an utter waste of time and resources unless I'm trying to level up my team for some reason. I autoplay everything, even if I'm losing. This is the only event that actually rewards bad game strategy like leveling up your team far too quickly without the resources to compete in any other event. 

    CvC: Autoplay until I get a score over 100k with a multiplier over 300. Then I'll watch the video continue and play manually. I'll usually play right when a matchup opens so that my video continue and video boosts refresh before the end of the matchup. 

    Weekend Prime Events: Same thing as Tuesday Prime Events except even less interest in logging in to autoplay the free energy. If I remember, I'll autoplay 5 games, not watch the Video for a free game, then do something else. 

    Season: This is one where I actually play manually more than others might. I have a streak of undefeated seasons going, so I'll autoplay until the 4th inning. If I'm winning at that point, I'll keep going. If I'm trailing, I'll play manually until I am winning. If I ever get behind after the 4th inning, I'll play manually. 

    To be honest, I'm much more likely to manually play outside of the events. I'll manually play Bonus Games occasionally just to have fun with my lineup. I'll play Home Run Battles, even though the rewards aren't great, just to stay fresh. And, I'll play matchups against other players on full manual, even if one of us gets a big lead on the other. 
  • fahhq2fahhq2 Registered Users, Member 850 Posts
    Exactly my plan of attack on WoH brother! Roark, Olsen and Cole always give me trouble on autoplay 🤪
  • MetsicansMetsicans Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    Tuesday Prime Events: I autoplay everything. I only play the free energy and wait for it to refresh. I'm not wasting gold on Sprint events that reward people who cheat to manipulate boxes for bonus players. 
    Wait, what?  People are getting bonus players by manipulating the results of a box pull?  That explains so much.  I feel like an idiot. 
  • PilgrimPilgrim Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    THANK YOU. THANK YOU! The best info I've gotten in this forum. I'm a newbie and wondered about all this. It costs to auto play right? I tried 2x in Woh and lost both and being a "mizer" I stopped trying. I just today did in the prime event 1st time mostly because of patience and concentration, lack of that is. 
  • PilgrimPilgrim Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    Sorry meant slug-fest. 
  • lenardlenard Registered Users, Member 88 Posts
    I’m can you manipulate a box pull???
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    @lenard there are hacks that ensure the 2.5% players, etc. 
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  • lenardlenard Registered Users, Member 88 Posts
    Oh ok... I’ve seen the gold and cash hacks. Don’t wanna get them for fear of getting jailed 
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    All the time....I am near perfect in season mode (3 losses in the last 5 seasons) and usually win on the primes, lose 3-5 a weekend usually.  Bonus games are good, usually drop 1 out of 10.  CvC is a crapshoot;  can be great, can be awful.  I autoplay on the cycle events until I get tripped up then go back and start manual from that point until finishing the level.  I also start to manually play in WOH and slugs when I hit my threshold for blue cash....higher levels will slowly suck you dry if you're stuck there at all.  I manually play for fun outside events.....HR battles, calling friends out and playing games.....can match up better (no 46-0 games) and talk trash in between innings.  Fun.  Events are grinds for points and players;  not that it isn't fun, just different and trying to pack as much into a fixed timeframe I just autoplay usually.  
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