30-60-90 Day Stats

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Would like to see additional statistical splits by 30, 60, and 90 days so I can gauge how well my players are doing after leveling up. I’ve got hitters with thousands of ABs so their overall average barely moves. Would like to see if all those hitting boosts are really making a difference. 

Also want to be able to set my batting order and use all players on my roster (platoon) to take advantage of L/R matchups. 

Lastly, some player position designations should be flexible. You had Brock Holt listed as OF - which is where he played the least of 2B, SS and OF. He should be listed as 2B and SS so we could move him to either spot as one example. 


  • thickagethickage Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
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    Another thing besides increase your ridiculous rewards (your club grinds all weekend in hopes of getting top 50 which amounts to 4K XP for countless hours).... 

    Franchise Players - none of them would even be a starter on my team, so you need to offer franchise players based on team strength. I’ve got about 100 useless franchise coins now. Sad part is I keep pulling some from boxes I pay gold for and don’t want. 
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