Hammering Hank?

SakaV2SakaV2 Registered Users, Member 124 Posts
Anyone know if or when Hanks gonna get some bonus point love?  I got him a long while back and on Wednesday he was in Royale box but no bonus with him.  Did I miss it?


  • BigpredfanBigpredfan Registered Users 3,306 Posts
    ATG’s typically were bonus players right after their box was released for purchase. So he has already been a bonus player. 

    Since they started putting them in the Royale boxes, getting an ATG for completing walk-off was considered enough of a win, so they haven’t been bonus players on Royale day or any day after that I’ve seen. 
  • stevebalbonistevebalboni Registered Users, Member 108 Posts
    I don’t remember any atgs being bonus. I pulled bob gibson out of a box. Still waiting for him to be bonus. 
  • LudwigMonsterLudwigMonster Registered Users, Member 381 Posts
    I've had Bench since mid/late summer. Never a bonus during that time.
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    As @Bigpredfan pointed out, the ATGs are usually a bonus the weekend of their release. To piggyback some more of what he said, they're considered enough of a reward as is. Personally, they've helped me accumulate many players that I otherwise probably don't get. 
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