Video Boosts Removed Every Other Game

thickagethickage Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
In a move that I can only describe as "Glu sticking it to their customers again," the video boosts for season mode, prime mode, etc. disappear every other game, either forcing you to spend gold for boosts or play without boost. Sure, I can close the app each time, but it's another example of Greedy Glu trying to stiff their customers every possible chance they can get. 

Glu, if you're listening, you're slowly killing your fan base and I know that people are leaving this game forever. You need to STOP making it more difficult to do the basics within the game just because you're greedy. People are leaving. People are fed up with all the tactics (don't even get me started on the odds to pull a throwaway weekend player at an exorbitant gold cost). You're slowly making the game worse. Your greed, in the end, will be your downfall. Try to refocus some of your attention at RETAINING customers. Many of the moves you make are blatant money grabs. 
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