Gun Zombie 2 Review : How to download

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Gun Zombie 2 Reloaded is an arcade shooter videogame that reminds me of all those old, glorious games we used to play at the arcades with those fancy oversized red and blue guns. Masterpieces like Time Crisis or The House of The Dead. This is basically the same, except that you can play it wherever you want.

Oh, wait, don´t you even think this is half as good as the games mentioned above, no! This is OK for a while I guess, but it has more flaws than cool things, starting from the bad modeling for the enemies and the scenarios. You will find a bunch of pixilated zombies wandering around while you try to understand why those hit boxes are so awfully designed.

Moreover, their moves are a 100% predictable, so you will grow tired of this title in a matter of minutes. Weapons are varied and so are the stages, by the way.

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