Got screwed once again!!

newfynewfy Registered Users, Member 416 Posts
So I had a cvc score of 508 k and when I tap 100 gold for 2nd retry it froze loading.  After 5 mins of waiting I had to close game and restart it which lost that round.  So I put 300 gold into that round and lost it!!   Plus it was high round and I would have gotten mvp!!  
   I got nothing at all after besides the 5k pxp for the win.  Also I had to spend 1000 more gold to make up points for that win!!   
    So just got screwed completely.  But the biggest problem is THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR MONTHS AND GLU HAS DONE NOTHING TO FIX IT!!   Like usual they blame our wifi connection or our phone storage, etc!!    
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