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I'm trying to get better at WOH and trying to figure out which upgrades to prioritize. Does anyone actually know how the 'clutch performance' upgrade works? Is it activated after a certain inning like the late inning player skill? Is it activated or helpful for WOH?

Secondly I've notice the team upgrades you can purchase for blue cash barely raise your overall team strength, like my last team hitting upgrade from 55-56/60 raised my team power by 6 whole points. That seems ridiculous to me if I'm increasing hitting by 1% and I have many 500+ gold maxed out players. Any thoughts?


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    thickagethickage Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
    I doubt there is a definitive answer here, but I believe for WOH, you should focus on the following upgrades first (basically all the offense-oriented upgrades)
    • Hitting Coach
    • Base Coach
    • Trainer
    • Clutch Performance
    • In the Zone
    I'm certain I saw something similar in another thread where the player noticed a difference in WOH when jacking up the offensive upgrades. 

    For your question about Clutch Performance, straight from the app it says "upgrade for boosted hitting in key late game situations" - my assumption is that WOH would apply. 

    You can pose the questions to Glu, but I'm guessing you won't get a direct, definitive answer to your questions.
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    bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    I went the route of maxing everything “just in case”.  ;)
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