Trading in Weekend Players

slafrance2slafrance2 Registered Users, Member 1,366 Posts
Ok, so, my usual weekly plan is to save up enough gold from watching videos at work all day. I always end the week with about 8-10k, and spend about 4k just to get the pxp fan reward, and pxp in general. I do this by buying the weekend player boxes and I get 1-3 different players to help with club points over the weekend. My question is after this weekend I have like 4 bonus players that I could get good trade in value, but i'm always on edge if they cycle these players. Can someone help me out on if trading them in is a good idea or if i should home on to them?


  • Wicked0WildcatsWicked0Wildcats Registered Users, Member 1,023 Posts
    I wouldn't worry too much about sub 400 max guys getting recycled, most likely you'll never see these guys again.  This game is littered with bonus players around a 375 max who came and went.  

    I usually hang onto the 420+ guys in my inactives and trade them as a last resort if I have a specific player I'm leveling up and have no other recourse to getting the necessary XP at the moment.  
  • thickagethickage Registered Users, Member 227 Posts
    I hang on to the guys if they are a team that I don't already have (e.g. Detroit Tigers). That way, if the Tigers are part of a bonus weekend or prime event, you'll at least have a guy that will get the 1500 bonus points per hit or RBI. Otherwise, dump those chumps. 
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