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It's almost the end of the year. Mantle Evos have been 50% for awhile now. Call me crazy, but how about putting the other ATG evos on sale? Pretty please?? I can't justify buying pitcher evos at regular price. However, if they were also 50% off.... :)
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    One change I hope to see in 2019, is just have one straight up ATG EVO for all ATGs.  ATGs should be priced at a premium,  I get that, but the way they go about it goes beyond gouging and just makes ATGs not worthwhile if you ever plan to go beyond Gold.  Just simplify things, have ATGs cost ATG EVO and all others cost regular EVO, and then maybe people will find ATGs worth the price and you won't have silly things happening like players being completely unable to upgrade their enormously expensive ATGs because their individual EVO isn't in the shop.
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    I spent over 10k gold on mays to gold 10 about a month ago. Just moved to platinum and decided im not gonna touch him. What a waste. Theres not much incentive with players like holiday ted, edgar martinez, bf yelich etc
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    I have two - Mays and Mantle. Both at Gold 10. I'm in Diamond now, so I'm not sure why I am hanging on to them. 
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    JEDDDOGGY said:
    I have two - Mays and Mantle. Both at Gold 10. I'm in Diamond now, so I'm not sure why I am hanging on to them. 
    I have Babe (hitter), Mantle, and now Aaron. no way i'm leveling them up if I make the jump to platinum in a week or two. sigh.
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    I have Mantle at gold 10 . I'm going to plat soon, and ihave already purchased Mantle evo to get him there. (when first went on sale and was worried it would end)
    I'm still hesitant,  because if/when I go D, it'll be crazy expensive and the extra xp spent in plat would be a big waste . :(
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