All-star levelling past level 9

gurba19gurba19 Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
Hi just wondering how many all star tickets you get for each $1 you spend trying to get a idea how much it would cost to get to level 10. I noticed there is only level 9 is that because you need VIP to access 10? 


  • JCAM80JCAM80 Registered Users, Member 606 Posts
    10 tickets per $1 spent. 
  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,876 Posts
    And yes.  Level 10 and up are only accessible if you are vip.
  • BigPoppa428BigPoppa428 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    So once you get to level 10 how do you get the rewards? I just achieved it but nothing is there. 
  • dkane9778dkane9778 Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    ive been at level 10 for about two weeks now and still haven’t been able to get to the rewards for it. Really getting tired of that blinking red banner everywhere all the time. 
  • UndisputedEraaaUndisputedEraaa Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Nah man, blinking red icon FTW!
  • KRYPTKRYPT Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    Same with that blinking red icon. Never saw anything that you couldn't get level 10 rewards without already being vip
  • BigPoppa428BigPoppa428 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Do you don't get the rewards until you're VIP so how do you become VIP? Cause I'm tired of the red arrow as well. One if the members in my club said if you post in the forums you then get VIP. That's why I'm here 
  • gurba19gurba19 Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    Yes being active on forums, Facebook helps the chances of getting VIP I think 
  • SpecialDeliverySpecialDelivery Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    It does was confirmed by Glu themselves 
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