Strike zone, pitches and bonus players

PilgrimPilgrim 24 PostsRegistered Users, Member
You're making the game  boring, by making the strike zone RIDICULOUS. IT IS NOT CONSTANT, but changes depending on the situation. I'm seriously tired of the way you run this game why should we bother with leveling up players when we have a very limited amount of control. Glu u are a deceitful and GREEDY Company. I have to scratch and claw my way to 10-15 hits. I'm so tired of dealing with this company. The game has become just boring infuriating. The video for gold has gotten just as stupid I never know when it will work.
.HBP is another reason to dislike this game. 95% of the time bonus players are the ones that get hit. Don't bother lying to me about bs their problems and trying to make it my fault. 
This is a brand new phone S10 and it is taking a toll on it. The game is wobbly and crashing already. Don't, don't,  DON'T tell me about clearing the cache . Look inward grasshopper find out what the problem is without blaming the rest of us players . IF YOU HAVE DAMAGED THIS PHONE WITH YOUR OWN BUGS I WILL GET ANOTHER ONE FROM YOU. 


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