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I have reached level 10 all stars and a little past it as well but not VIP. I don't have the red arrow some talk about or anything. Customer support told me the response about forums etc which I am active in. I also like the pages on Facebook/Twitter.  What else is there to do? I know people who don't do half of what I do or play nearly as much and they got vip??? So frustrating, can anyone provide some Insight please!!


  • wicked75wicked75 12 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Also don't believe whoever says to reach level 10 all stars... I am past that and was told no matter how far I get on all stars I am not eligible for vip!! With no explanations.. I have never said anything bad about the game or company etc.. But for some reason I will never get vip...  Not happy with this game at all and it has to be true because when I hit level 10 all stars I never got the red arrow folks talk about...Very mad customer here..
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