How to spend extra cash and XP's accumulated and how to improve my MLB TSB 19 team

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I have capped all my players and sluggers at Silver and have upgraded all categories to the maximum.  I enjoy the game and have a strong record (.783 overall) and leading my league in Season Mode by 11 games, but I would like to know how to utilize my extra cash - I now have about $1,000,000.  I usually have around 30,000 XP's available, too.  I don't have many gold bars - just over 200 - as I just used some to advance through Level 3 in Walk Off Hero (have never got past Level 4 there and I already have Paul Goldschmidt who has been the prize anyway).  I won't just sit and watch videos all day to gain some gold bars - I like to play games!  I have had some success at HR Battles, but my sluggers are only 4, 3 1/2 and 3 star players - I did get close to winning it once.  I like to spend the $4,000 and start tournaments, which I have been fairly successful at winning.  However, the rewards there are not outstanding - I would like to receive good players for winning those!  I belong to a good club and am ranked in the top third there.  I utilize some of my extra cash on several 2nd round draft picks at a time, but have rarely gotten a 4 star player - usually just 2 or 3 stars. I have added the couple of 4 stars that I have drafted and then used XP's to cap them.  I have all 5, 4 1/2 and 4 star players with the exception of two 3 1/2 star relief pitchers.  My Legend is one of my five 5 star players.  Obviously, I don't know all the ins and outs to really succeed!  It's all about getting more 5 star players and I wish I could just use my cash winnings to buy some or to buy gold bars!  I have occasionally bought some gold bars with real money, but my draft #1 draft picks and even my #1 multi-drafts haven't proved worth it - so, no more real money!  Help!!!
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