Which allies for single player waves 200+?

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I've played the game (this one and SVZ2) quite a bit on 3 different devices and currently have level 11 peasants and dwarven bombers in D&D. My goal is to have allies that can mow through waves as quickly as possible while including both melee and ranged so flying opponents aren't a pain. I ran some numbers and it actually seems like assassins would be the best ranged unit (looking at damage-per-second per leadership spent), and peasants remain the choice as cheap tanks. Is that a decent setup? Here is what I'm looking at:

Peasants + Assassins
Peasants + Dwarven Bombers + Spearman
Peasants + Dwarven Bombers + Spear Horseman
Peasants + Elven Archers + Bowcaster
Assassins + Spear Horseman

Something else

I typically use the warrior if that matters. I've upgraded spearman and spear horseman in SVZ2 and they have advantages/disadvantages. I'm not sure I'm sold on one over the other at present but am open to suggestions.

Note Assassins aren't currently a real option as I can't seem to find them (sounds like gift boxes are bugged per other posts).


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    Spear horsemen do the most damage and have reach, but they need allies in front of them since they won't last long at high wave levels. Dwarven bombers also dish out a lot of damage since they can hit multiple targets, but they don't have much health. Therefore having peasants in front will protect both the spear horsemen and dwarven bombers. That combination is probably the best for killing things quickly. The bad thing about the bombers is that they take a long time to summon and they shoot slowly.

    There are many different strategies you can use to defeat enemies in single player, but when you get to somwhere around waves 200-250 the exploding enemies will take out all your peasants and bombers or if your bombers get turned they can wipe out all your allies with a couple of bombs. A turned spear horseman can kill everything too so you have to make sure you kill or disable the enemies that can turn your allies as quickly as possible. Since you use the warrior you have to kill or push back since you don't have a stun option.

    If you bought the elite starter pack and have the bow caster, then probably your best option for killing things quickly is the peasant, archers and bow caster. In SvsZ2 riflemen and farmers work really well until about waves 400-500. In D&D there are 7 allies you can't get. 5 of those 7 you can buy through the elite starter pack and 3 you can get though the starter pack, but it is impossible to get the assassin or sticky.
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