Started my first servies vs. Legends today

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Game 1: Legends 11, StarCats 8, Kershaw v. Kershaw
After two innings, StarCats' Kershaw had been hit hard, and Legends led, 6-0. Cats made a comeback over next couple of innings, closing to 6-5. Legends then had another big inning, this time against Grilli, and jumped to an 11-5 lead. The good guys launched another comeback over the last two innings, but ultimately fell short, falling 11-8.

Game 2: StarCats 9, Legends 3, Cats SP = King Felix, Legends SP = Madbum
The King dominated this game, going 7 innings and giving up only 2 runs (used energy bar for 7th inning). Cats offense was powerful, too. Have to remember not to challenge Legends' outfield arms, and be aware that Legends will throw two consecutive pitchouts.

Will continue later tonight. Other pitchers in my rotation vs. Legends are Cueto, Fernandez and Darvish. Tempted to ice wrap Felix, but I 'm curious to see how the rest of the staff does against Legends. Cueto and Fernandez have been terrible for the Cats in games leading up to this series, but many here have reported success with them vs. Legends. So we'll see.


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    Good luck! Felix is the best hands down for me. I would ice wrap him every game but it makes it too easy to beat them!

    Cueto and Fernandez should be solid vs them. Always use 9 stuff guys vs Legends team.

    I'm actually on a 14 game winning streak vs Legends. Haven't played much lately, but my streak vs them is just about all that motivates me to keep playing and racking up wins.
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    Game 3: StarCats 15, Legends 10, StarCats SP = Fernandez, Legends SP = Sale
    Pure slugfest. Put up 10 runs on Sale after 2 innings. Fernandez gave up 4 ERs in 1st 2 innings, and got yanked for Dellin, who went 3 and gave up 3. All StarCats batters got at least one hit, all had at least 1 RBI except Trout. Gennett went 4-5 with 2 RBIs and a home run. Game 4 will feature Darvish on the mound for the Cats, and Cueto pitching for Legends.
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    Game 4: StarCats 10, Legends 9; Darvish (StarCats) v. Cueto (Legends)
    Not much to say about this one. Poor pitching on both sides, lots of hitting likewise. Koji shut down the Els in the 9th.

    Game 5: StarCats 5, Legends 4, Kershaw (StarCats) vs. Darvish (Legends)
    Kershaw pitched well. Nip and tuck all the way, and the good guys pulled it out, with Koji again slamming the door on the Legends.

    StarCats win 1st series against Legends, 4 games to 1.
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    Nice... your doing really well v legends... it gets easier after the first series win. My last series vs them I won 4-1. I'm going for my 4th series win I'm at 37 playoff wins now. Good luck Star..
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    Cong. starcats.
    You almost sweep them out and it is really amazing to me that it is your first time play legend playoff but can have such good record 4-1.
    My first record against legend is just like yours 4(legend)-1(me) LOL
  • StarCatStarCat Experienced Member Registered Users 269 Posts
    Dtrain: 14 in a row??? Wow!
    Mixx: Nice, nice work. You are improving at a steady and quick pace.
    jemic: You're one of the best I've played. You should be able to take the Legends next time, no problem

    And to all three of you: let's play some more games against each other!
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    Congrats Starcat. Long time coming! You were definitely ready!!
  • Mixx MastersMixx Masters Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 189 Posts
    Amused_79 wrote: »
    Congrats Starcat. Long time coming! You were definitely ready!!

    I agree 100%
  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    Nice job. I'm still a bit away only $1.1M cash and 57 2nd rounders. Want to get there ASAP.
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