Who preforms better in the long run?

Ibraheem MoizoosIbraheem Moizoos New MemberRegistered Users 39 Posts
I somehow ended up with
Troy Tulowitzki R 9/9/2
Danny Santana B 9/3/9
Hanley Ramirez R 8/7/7
All short stops, and I can't decide who to use. I have Tulo as my DH and can't decide whether to start Danny or Han Ram. I like the idea of using Danny because of the Switch hitting and don't want to limit switch hitting to 1 or 2 AB's off the bench, but I like Hanley's power and how well rounded he is. Decisions Decisions.


  • Mixx MastersMixx Masters Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 189 Posts
    i'm using tulo. thru 500 games he's batting 368 not much on steals but singles to right gets to 3rd so I think he's a good bet.
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member Registered Users 105 Posts
    I would keep Danny. He's doing great on my team. Plus you get the speed, 9 hitting and 9 bunting.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 839 Posts
    I agree. Stick with Santana for now. The 9 hitting plus him being a switch hitter means he will prob hit around .380 +. Hanley may hit more HRs. But prob will hit around .320 - .330.
  • Ibraheem MoizoosIbraheem Moizoos New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    Sold! Thanks for the advice, plus Hanley should be sick off the bench!
  • QLDoriginQLDorigin Junior Member Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 60 Posts
    I use Tulo: 4240 Games, .361 AVG, .683 Slugging 12.6 AB/HR

    I like Hanley but only used him 200 games: .338, .536, 24.6

    Santana even less: 97 games, .336, .439, 107.0
  • Mickey01023Mickey01023 New Member Registered Users 54 Posts
    I disagree, Hanley is the better option, his power cancels out those 9s... He's 1 better is hitting, 5 better in power and there's not much a 9 can do a 7 can't for the most part
  • Ibraheem MoizoosIbraheem Moizoos New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    Another dilemma... I have Victor Martinez and need to either put Tulo or Santana on my bench??? I got Abreu recently so I have a good 3 and 4 hitter reguardless but can anyone justify 9 hitting and 9 power riding the pine to keep the switch hitter at leadoff?
  • princeofheckprinceofheck Experienced Member Registered Users 103 Posts
    Tulo isn't going to hit home runs all the time. Santana won't get many extra base hits but will steal the extra base.
    Santana is more versatile of a hitter against either lefties or righties.
    Santana's speed will allow him to score from beyond 3rd base more often.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 839 Posts
    My vote is for Tulo. He's a beast. And him and Abreu as your 3/4 hitters is solid. Santana is perfect off the bench. He's a switch hitter and can be used effectively. Plus can steal second.
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