Would anybody be interested in putting another tourney together?

Mixx MastersMixx Masters Experienced Member189 PostsRegistered Users, Member
I know we have a few computer wizards (Me Not One Of Them) here and the template from the last tourney. Can we get another going?


  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member 432 PostsRegistered Users
    I would definitely play but not organize. In mexico for a couple weeks so play time is down for me for a bit.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member 815 PostsRegistered Users
    Ask Dtrain. He did it last time.
  • dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced Member 198 PostsRegistered Users
    Doesn't appear to be much activity around TSB these days unfortunately. Prob lucky to get a field of 8.
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member 392 PostsRegistered Users
    I'd be up for a tournament. My team is not good at all on this version, but I don't mind a quick beat down by the champs over here
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member 105 PostsRegistered Users
    I'd be down with that.
  • dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced Member 198 PostsRegistered Users
    check out the thread I just made and sign up!
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