Call Apple! They're investigating Glu!

RonnieRoseG21RonnieRoseG21 New MemberRegistered Users 21 Posts
I had my teams jailed tonight I have sunk over $200 into. I called apple and they said they're launching an investigation into Glu! They run on their own agenda so if they jail you, make SURE you don't let it go. They're getting shut down soon get your money back!!!


  • themedlwafflethemedlwaffle New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    What do you mean by jail you?
  • AmelioAmelio New Member Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    The ONLY reason you get jailed.. you were caught with a Hack for gold and they picked up on it.. GLU doesn't Jail you for no reason! The fact that you spent $200 on a game? That's your fault.. when Apple talks to Glu.. they will show Apple that you more than likely got or used a Hack to get an advantage.. Glu will Not go out of business from your sole complaint.. Apple ITunes has more important things to worry about.. Glu jailed your account for obvious reasons. Reasons you definitely won't tell anyone on here.. you CLEARLY did something wrong and against TOS.. deal with it and move on! I know several people from various clubs who were all Jailed as well.. they were caught cheating and they totally knew they'd eventually get caught.. but they cheated for as long as they could.. my question is.. A game app on your phone.. FREE download with possible spending of real money.. why go through all the cheating ? What fun is it to cheat? Then get caught and jailed! What good did that do? You lose in the end.. if you have to cheat in a phone app game? Then you deserve to be jailed.. so obviously YOU were caught cheating! Do you deserve to have your acct jailed. Cheaters never prosper..
  • AmelioAmelio New Member Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    He got caught cheating.. hacked for gems.. got caught and now he's crying the blues because he got caught.. and his acct was jailed.. being jailed means they banned his account
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    I was jailed today for watching videos and accumulating gold. They have had double gold weekends every other weekend and I have over 100k gold and was jailed. I spend all day watching videos so it’s not that hard to accumulate 40k in that weekend.
  • tmoney503tmoney503 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    That’s crazy? Follow the rules 
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