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    Yetifrost said:

    Here’s some BS .. my club is L3V3L3s20 .. look at the scores . JT our top guy beat their whole team but his points went for them. 

    Actually Glu is allowing cheaters to join guilds then back out and their score counts. So you can join 3-4 guilds and every time you do you get more turns. That way you can make an alt and help your friends and this is somehow allowed. So if you make a decent alt and make friends with other guilds you and they can create a squad to join each other's teams and score up then leave. doesn't help your alt but it helps your main.
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    this is what I got from them

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    Wow. That stinks.  At least it’s an answer though.   
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    Yes, it's a clear answer that confirms what many of us suspected.... and it would seem to be the reason CvC has not been running of late as the devs work on a fix.
    It's all done with mirrors
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    So what I have found out is that the best success I have had is when I end up having multiple players that the game chooses to give the extra bonus to the multiplier like +200 +300 or whatever the numbers are and do a manual batting order and put the players that give the extra bonus all at the top of the line up and then hopefully you have enough high power and decent hit players to cover the rest of the line up and autoplay you can see my best single Vs. Game was 1.4million and that was an auto play...sometimes when your bonus players end up not getting a hit you will end up not scoring high at all...and I was getting my third out with like a 2900 multiplier... other than that...I have no idea how keep getting chains of hits... once you get like 50k ish score and most of your team is at least around 170-200 power I would do the 30% power boost over hit... every time I've done hit 30% AND pay the gold and not even use the video it's almost always 3 up 3 down or I get 1 single and score 10
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    That cheaters scenario is not the only way the scoring thing happens. I've had it happen with me multiple times. The app will freeze up or reload after I've finished and doesn't post your score to your name but it will still have it under the club total score. In YetiFrost's pic, his club score is a bit higher than what the scores shown add up to so it's not going to the other clubs score. their point difference could've been from someone having a decent round and freezing up on them. I had it happen with a few 130k point rounds and a 180k point round as well. It screws you for mvp and it is basically stolen gold if you bought multipliers because they won't refund it.

    To answer the op's question, don't buy the hit/power multipliers, ever. I've found that they decrease your  hit/power considerably. Never watch the videos on your first turn. if you get 8 tickets then use the video multipliers on your 7/8 or 2/8 ticket and use them together. If you get 6 tickets, watch them on either your 4/6 or 1/6 and again, use both multipliers for the same ticket.I also won't use the free continue video when you get your 3rd out with your 4-5-6-7 batters. They line out to the pitcher or pop-up 90% of the time. You kinda just have to tweek your lineup a bit and it's usually your lead off guy or whoever is batting cleanup. If your lead off guy hits a dribbler on your first turn, take him completely out of the lineup and replace his spot with a sub, then put an inactive in the sub spots so the guy who was hitting like junk is inactive. Play the next round and do the same for the next person that squibs a hit when you know you've taken a good swing. If your lead off guy is good then its probably going to be your clean up guy or whoever is batting 6th sucking it up. whichever it is, do the same process as what i wrote for the lead off guy. I've found it most productive to aim for the Schmoo Biscuits sign on the wall in right center with everyone no matter if they're right or left handed batters. You'll also notice that if you don't buy the point multipliers, your guys will hit much better for the most part but it screws ya for putting up numbers unless you have the players with the bonus multiplier. 

    If it's the CvC games where you pick the pitcher, I'll pick the highest rated ones just because you have a better chance at hitting homeruns with faster pitches. These kind of CvC matches are the most ridiculous when it comes to putting up points so don't expect to much when they're using that format.

    I also think instead of Walk Off Hero, it should be called OFH for Opposite Field Hero because thats basically the strategy for doing well. 
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