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Hi all,
For those of you who have a somewhat decent amount of skill and Club versus Club match ups (those who can secure MVP/High Round a reasonable amount of times), how do you do it? Please share your secrets or methods. I am in silver, 54k TS, and I feel that I have decent batters (Baby giraffe, prime Ramos, POTM Andujar) that should give me success in Club versus Club. Despite this, I can only hit ground outs to the shortstop who is seemingly everywhere on the infield. With the new addition of singles giving a multiplier of x5, I find that my maximum is around 3000 (although I usually score under 300). I have only got the MVP once. I have been really wanting a free all star box but I can never get it. Could anyone give me tips as to how to score high? (One of my club members is consistently over 25k. He claims that it is all due to autoplay). Thank you.
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    I scored 186k on the 10pm matchup. On my really good players I hit for the gaps. Occasionally they get homers. My weaker, less powered hitters I go to the opposite side of the field in which they bat. There isn’t any real secret, it’s mostly hit timing and hitting it where the defense has less players.
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    I got 350k just now, I get 0 other times. I swing for the opposite field gap every time. I hit a lot of home runs and triples. I also do a lot better with a hitting boost. Never hurts to start at 100x either. Had two autoplay rounds earlier that were over 100k too, it's very generous to me. I don't do well with autoplay with boosts though, it's weird. I'm at 79k ts. Helps being in a platinum club and getting 8 entries too. Another thing that (I think) has been really helping me is my best lineup is righty heavy, and I (think that I) get a lot more lefty pitchers. At least when I'm paying attention that is. Dunno if that helps but that's how I do it. My club gets 500-1000 rank so we're not great but I pull a lot of mvps. Stoked for the all star boxes. Got 70k cash from the first one.
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    I found that autoplay works best for me. If I play all the rounds manually, I usually only get 1 good round per matchup (1 out of 5 entries). Watching the videos for boosts doesn't seem to have a noticeable difference for me either. You get one video to watch when you get 3 outs before the round ends. Save it until you have a good round, obviously. I think spending gold on it gives you a better edge than the free videos. Just my opinion. Sometimes I've spent gold to keep my round alive and went through the whole lineup before getting the 3rd out. You'll want batters in your lineup that have a higher hit rating than a power rating. If you have weak players in your lineup strictly for weekend or Thursday bonus points, don't forget to sub them for better players before you start CvC, then put them back when you're done. Overall I can't really see a pattern to it, other than Autoplay seems to work best for me.
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