Long, RP1 and RP2 alignment

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Attempting to best align Long, RP1 and RP2

e.g. Let’s say I have prime Huston Street with stuff at 175, 5-star Kimbrel at 163, and another Prime Kimbrel at 154. I have Street as a closer, 5 Star Kimbrel as setup. Where would you put prime Kimbrel? RP1?

I have other pitchers at various stuff ratings between 113 and 122. 

Also is there a difference with the pitcher designations MR, SR, etc.? I can’t seem to find help on pitchers at this point. 


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    CL > SM > RP1 > RP2 > Long. That's just my personal preference and it seems to work pretty well (so I would put Prime Kimbrel at RP1 until he is leveled up more). SR, MR, and LR mean short reliever, middle reliever, and long reliever. The difference is their endurance (SR become faded after one inning, MR usually become tired then faded, and LR will stay strong then tired then faded).
    Arenado or I will put Beuhler on DL
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    Thank you for a perfect explanation!
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