Best way to farm legend xp

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been playing a lot recently and have got a few great legends, however I can’t seam to find a way to get legend xp without spending money on the game, which I have done. I’m top three in my club but hardly ever get mvp or high round, and I can’t ever get passed the very last level of woh. Any good suggestions? 


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    @dingers4life unfortunately WOH would be the best way. You could try and invest in a Gamechanger one week and see if that helps you cycle WOH but even then it has to cost you minimum gold in WOH and you'd have to be able to multicycle for the Gamechanger to be worth the investment. 
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    Might also suggest you look for a good reset club that finishes on top.  With premium xp boxes as rewards, you will build in no time.
    I'm confused by what you mean by 5.7 and 5.8.  You mean the round and level? 
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    been thinking about cycling to different clubs a few times, but heard its luck of the draw. any suggestions on finding the reset clubs? 
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    In your situation, finding dead plat clubs(tons out there) would be your best play. You can easily win with very mediocre scores. Build up to where you can level guys that can cycle WoH and xp will never be an issue again.

    *edit* dead platinum clubs for CvC play.
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