Why I just deleted the app



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    For that much gold, never. Ill use the free video boost if I ever need that extra 5%. ;)
    "Oops we need to restart! Yeap that's 2019 for ya!"
    – The Great Houmy
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    Preach @Bigpredfan
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    edited February 2019
    Pdids said:
    Can we delete this post, dude has played 1k games since he posted he deleted his account. Total BS.@Bigpredfan
    LOL.....were you dating?!?  😝 

    I have debated a couple of topics with Bigpred and while we might not see eye to eye, he is class, was a big contributor to the forum and is missed.  

      I creeped on you and you’ve played less than 500 games.......Bigpred “quit” and has still played more that double your total for the year.......and you’re butthurt about what again?!  LOL
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    @nym5fan I've never gone past the Legend XP on skills boosts. Not convinced that a 1% boost is worth gold. 
    That’s one of those grey areas for me.....if it’s only that 1% then no it’s not worth the gold.  But if that 1500 gold trips a milestone switch in the RNG and the spending of gold for skills increases chances of better sequences by more than 1% then yeah it’s worth it.  Maybe just in my head but I swear that there was a noticeable jump in performance going from 32% to 33% dropping that first 1500 in the players I upgraded that deep.  

    Probably in my head but why chance it.  😆 
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