Looking for a new squad

bleednyankeeblubleednyankeeblu Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
Anyone need a pretty awesome  club player??? I have over 100 plus million club points and didnt join until mid May and I literally carry my team. They just sit and wait for me to do all the work so they can reap the rewards Progression I literally do all by myself. I make to grab the players to get bonus points for events. I do spend the $$$ to make sure that this happens and would be a value to any team. Just looking 2 rank up and these dudes still wanna be like a Single A minor league team. Hit me up....I can send screen shots of all my progress. 


  • newfynewfy Registered Users, Member 416 Posts
    We have room and are very competitive if your interested then pm me here or in game,  team name is Newfyjays.  Club name is tapworldwide if you wanna check us out. 
  • diamondmastersdiamondmasters Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Our club just made a move and we currently have 14 members 3 of which are VIP status. We are a very active group and are consistently in the top 10 in events and competitive in CvC contests. We are recruiting new active players to help push our club to the top. We would love to have you on board. Send me a message for more info. 
  • bleednyankeeblubleednyankeeblu Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    Sounds awesome man....I'm gonna get through this weekend event cycle and I think I  am going to bounce over to you if that's cool. Have a great rest of your weekend. 
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