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I have reached level 10 all stars and a little past it 


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    Also don't believe whoever says to 
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    Same here dude. I was told to reach level 10 all star, and do some other things and I’d get vip. Things like be active on forums, writing in to customer service, posting in global, following on social media, and playing daily. I’ve done all of these things, and no vip. I also know people who have spent less, and dont post on forums, yet they get vip. Seems like Glu doesn’t have a guarantee on vip, and they only give it to certain players. I still don’t understand it. 
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    Me to i and 1000 all star tickets away from completing lvl 10 and still haven't recieved vip, I received a message giving me vip customer service and was told to look for a email about ur vip status and a week later still haven't received vip status... I have done everything possible to receive vip and still haven't spent way to much money, on global n club chats I'm on all the forums, so my question is wat other requirements are necessary for me to have my vip badge? 
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