Let’s help bring back Nicki Minaj :the empire game!

vanyykikovanyykiko Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
This game was an absolute masterpiece and if we bring it back the barbz will give the game more downloads than Kim kardashian Hollywood along with in game purchases plus it will give Glu games fans another go round of the celebrity experience me and lots of other people are ready for a new adventure ( most of us including me haven’t gotten the nicki Minaj the empire experience and would so dearly love to!) 


  • vanyykikovanyykiko Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Let’s fight for a new adventure  , let’s bring back Nicki Minaj the empire for it to be the best game in the market,to give fans a new experience with the kkh feel,we can use the Nicki Minaj fan base to elevate the game and give it major success (Nicki’s game was the most worked on and look fun but not many fans got to play it because it was unstable I guess but us as fans can make the game better than before in the year 2023-2024 so let’s get glu games on board!!!!
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