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Evo VIII Tuning

FASTazzSERFASTazzSER Registered Users 5 Posts
I've got my Evo running 8.9s; however, I know it can supposedly run 8.6ish. What am I missing that can get this car to run those times???


  • hexxum001hexxum001 Registered Users 3,954 Posts
    8.6xx times are with boost.
  • FASTazzSERFASTazzSER Registered Users 5 Posts
    I'm using boost and can only hit 8.9s.
  • hexxum001hexxum001 Registered Users 3,954 Posts
    8.9's with boost? Then there is something wrong with your tune or with your driving bro (no offense) or both. I've hit 8.8xx non-boosted and and 8.6xx with boost. Check out the link posted above for an awesome Evo VIII tune from DJChris23.
  • hellracerhellracer Registered Users 278 Posts
    Can i have hp, tq and lbs and grip too double check m'y setup my setup plz
  • lilchoppapililchoppapi Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have HP but the ratio sucks
  • ChevellesruleChevellesrule Registered Users 108 Posts
    Link above doesn't work
  • QpdkdhTdbQpdkdhTdb Registered Users 537 Posts
    Ur reaction time plays a big roll in hitting 8.6
  • RifoRifo Registered Users 1 Posts
    ejulikram3 wrote: »
    use the search button first....
    Hey all, I was not able to open the link for some reason.
  • shahidshahid Registered Users 3,173 Posts
    rev drop it and get good launch on it maybe that help
  • cajunbeavcajunbeav Registered Users 5 Posts
    Mine gets up real quick but Pegg out trans. I have built a speadsheet to tune. Any help would be appreciated otherwise selling it
  • BonzaiBonzai Registered Users 45 Posts
    ive taken a couple evo8s from the top guys with another car and the stats are 533hp, 466tq, 2479lbs. pm me for a tune. I hit 8.8 no boost. and ive found its mostly about the driving, shift early and let off throttle as 2nd light goes on
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