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Turf positions/ 500 error

xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior MemberRegistered Users 189 Posts
As of 3:00 pm est on Saturday our team was in 41st place. As of today at 3:30 pm est and virtually nobody on our team able to race we have dropped in rank to 52. How are they going to determine your teams actual placement? Will they reset them and everyone forfeit their points for Sunday? Doubtful as people are spending gems imo. I'm not too concerned about dropping out of the top 100 right now, but what about those who were so close and are not able to make it up? Idk how many servers there actually are, I know at least 4 due to friends on different ones, but some servers are not effected apparently and can race which is a huge advantage for them. I don't think everyone who turfed deserves a turf car if they are nowhere close to 100, but maybe teams around 125 should be considered. Your opinions???


  • JeddjJeddj Junior Member Registered Users 36 Posts
    Yeh I have put a lot of effort into this turf I have 30k+ Points so do my team and we all can't get on so we have been taken out of the top 100 when I logged on a hour ago the turf was wiped and there was no one on the leaderboard and I crashed and the error again
  • Loon3kLoon3k Junior Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    My team was at 90 now at 104 so dissapointed, i doubt these fkkers will give turf cars to ppl who CANT!! play and have lost thier position out of top 100
  • Ajkix23Ajkix23 Junior Member Registered Users 349 Posts
    I dont see any good way to handle this issue, tbh. At this point turf has been COMPLETELY disrupted and i dont see any way to fairly judge turf positions. Im not saying they dont owe us anything, i just dont know what to do about the turf issue. I do believe they owe us a LOT of gems for how much we wasted, for example. And maybe a car (not necessarily the deuce).
  • DEMENTEDSOLDIER0DEMENTEDSOLDIER0 Junior Member Registered Users 202 Posts
    My team was 206 when I last got on and I know we could've pulled a lot this event, probably not enough for top 100, but we still would've tried and pulled a lot. Your turf car idea is great around 125-150 id say, but those of us that can't play deserve some compensation because of the fact of not being able to play. Those of us that can't get on got f****d this turf!
  • cat9801248cat9801248 Senior Member Registered Users 340 Posts
    All I know is I better get this car my team was in 70th lastnight when it did finally let me on a hour ago we were 91 and I dont see us getting this car because my whole team isnt able to play just saying
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    How are some able to run and some not is 1 part of my question. The 2nd is: how are they making up points so fast? It's certainly not fair to anyone imo. Those who were in top 100 and knocked out due to inability to race and not fair to those who can race and are spending gems and advancing. This stinks for entire community!
  • SmashedAtomsSmashedAtoms Junior Member Registered Users 15 Posts
    I think everyone should be awarded the turf car and 100 gems as compensation for this issue that's lasted for more than 24 hours and completely disrupted this turf. Of course, before that can happen, the issue has to actually get corrected...
  • mcoffinmcoffin New Member Registered Users, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 9 Posts
    You can't say everyone in top 125 deserves a car. It'd be different if this was a 6 hour error hindering turf. Its over 24 hours for me personally and some since Friday. There's no way to gauge those positions due to extended periods of down time. A 140 team could jump 39 spots with a push. We lost 22 spots since then. Across the board compensation is only fair option
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    So teams ranked as low as 2000 are deserving? Idts! Maybe... the top 200 and that's a stretch!
  • roestreyevroestreyev Senior Member Registered Users 1,443 Posts
    It's just freeking BS, I wonder what they'll do with this turf. Some players count on weekends to make points...
  • davethepointdavethepoint Junior Member Registered Users 62 Posts
    If it was me who decide the car reward should be to top 125. Over that i dont think you are in a fight for top 100.
  • Nitros AngelNitros Angel Junior Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    Team Gen Tso Express was in the 80's when I was able to race yesterday now when I was able to get on for 2 seconds today we were at 106, this is absolutely ridiculous. I really feel they need to figure out a way to compensate us. There's a lot of regular top 100 teams that have lost their spots due to the 24 hour inconvenience. By the end of turf it will have been about 30 hrs since I've been able to play. Completely ruined turf!!!
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    Besides the obvious problem facing the turf issue and points I think there is a bigger problem than just a server issue. I have tried to create a new account on a spare device and can't play there either and you should not need a connection to play campaign like u do with multiplayer. Ever notice when you have a weak signal u can still play campaign or do daily challenge? I hope this is not an internal game error or even a hack!
  • boost13viperboost13viper Junior Member Registered Users 38 Posts
    Yeah my team was in the top 100 but we may have drop from the top 100
  • DavinsheDavinshe Junior Member Registered Users 78 Posts
    Everyone should get compensation, my team always rank under 500 now we are now raking 1400+. So yea points can differ a lot depending of the teams, 1 hour down means big losses for any team, 24hours+ means everything especially on turbo and ford event.
  • gitemmm131gitemmm131 Junior Member Registered Users 725 Posts
    Sounds a little ridiculous about everyone getting the car lol...if ur team didn't earn it ur team doesn't deserve it. Yea it suckks and there should absolutely be a compensation of some kind but some ppl on here are being flat out ridiculous. Just my opinion
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    I agree Gitemmm. Why would a team ranked below 300 think they are eligible for the REWARD car? I am glad this decision is not facing me about compensation issues. Teams that scored in the top 100 are not gonna be happy that a 500 place team gets a car... and teams over 500 think they do deserve it. Big big big issues in the cie/glu offices Monday!!!
  • NsbowhunterNsbowhunter Junior Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    This is such a freaking headache!!! If you manage to get on the game after hours of trying, then you only have a few people to race in turf.
  • roestreyevroestreyev Senior Member Registered Users 1,443 Posts
    They don't give a shit, they'll cover their ass and give it to top 100 no matter what happened and blame it on someone else... Cie Sux
  • 2HIPSI2HIPSI Senior Member Registered Users 6,984 Posts
    They will be able to tell when the server issue began, from that point forward turf points should be frozen IMO....... not everyone should get a car that's obsurd
    OG - 2HIPSI aka 2 High Psi

  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    True. Some ppl had this issue on Friday. So you can't guage an entire turf off of the bmw event either. This is going to be a tough one for cie/glu to figure out. They won't take the time to figure out what's right and imo they will take the easy way out and pay the top 2-300 teams a reward car and call it fair.
  • Mamet43Mamet43 Junior Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    SabahanAllstars were on the top 80's and when the turf ended,we only managed to get to 105 since nobody in our team able to play..its sucks..
  • GodronGodron Junior Member Registered Users 126 Posts
    . Personally I wouldn't mind top 110 getting a car due to questionable rank finish....but I do not support anything over that..... I spent a lot of gems/ time on this turf to get top 25 if not top 10.... It sucks, but things break....... Give them time to handle things before you jump them. Let them act before you flame them.. I'm pissed too (lost cars due to this too), but I'm going to let them have the chance to fix it. Not everyone is going to be happy but hey, you finish 150+ why do you really think you deserve a free car? Lol kinda redonkaless. Will be interesting to see how this goes.
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    Well... after turfs over my team ended up 56th and we were 41st yesterday at 3pm est
  • DWLI NO 13DWLI NO 13 Junior Member Registered Users 932 Posts
    Trust me ppl wasn't scoring crazy pts. It went down we was 60, none raced most of turbo n we went to 85 by Ford event. Then a few was able to get on, BARELY, for last day, myself being one. Lobby's were scarce. 56 was best lobby I seen. So I was in Gt Mustang trying to get most pts, 70-90 per race. 3-4 ppl racing on our team. Took forever to get in, maybe got 5-6 races every 30 min. Topps. Couldnt gem repair in lobby after a race, only in garage, n had to keep clicking repair n finally it go thru. Sometimes wouldn't boost in a lobby saying purchase failed, then had the constant account updated restart pop up at random. Also after race the Error loading Results please restart. And the well known Err500 CONSTANT every few seconds having to just press retry. Never popped up during race tho. Lost 4-5 cars due to restart or error loading results. Did win two legit pinks but missed out on 650 crush pts a PC. Which wouldn't mattered just sharing issues. But EVERYONE in my lobbies was having the issues, and trust me, by no means was it fun, just manageable cuz didn't wanna fall outa top100. I gave up with Lil over an hour left when I kknew we was safe. Finished 69. With all of y'all. Isn't right. I say they give the Reward. Then have a special overtime session turf, reset all pts, give everyone 250gems n 100k, 24 hours, and chance to win cool car, with free for all event. Just thought I'd share my nightmare experience. Sukks but gotta be realistic. Give reasonable suggestions they might actually consider. And keep the sale n 3X offers going too since couldn't even buy gems if u wanted to. Thx.

    BtW finished 68.
  • xx THUNDERSTRUCK xxxx THUNDERSTRUCK xx Junior Member Registered Users 189 Posts
    Well... after turfs over my team ended up 56th and we were 41st yesterday at 3pm est
  • DWLI NO 13DWLI NO 13 Junior Member Registered Users 932 Posts
    Yea sucked for us cuz most of us was saving gems for turbo n ford. We should of been loooot closer to top 25, if not made it. Finished 29 last turf.....
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