Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

What does the game need?



  • aubassplayeraubassplayer Registered Users 2,725 Posts
    edited February 2017
    How about a way to unfriend people without having to load their entire garage. I mean people friend me and then lobby jump back with higher rated car. And sometimes they have 500-1000 cars. And it crashes the game when I go into unfriend them. Or make it so we have to approve any friend requests.
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  • nithennithen Registered Users 3 Posts
    Maybe some more lights in the garage please
  • adeechiadeechi Registered Users 7,246 Posts
    edited February 2017
    In turf I'd like to see all the teams in t100 by scrolling instead of just the three teams ahead and behind me + t25
  • [RR] Dupe[RR] Dupe Moderators 21 Posts
    edited February 2017
    jhonny said:

    What about the boost i say take it off or at least make it to where if they're using boost and you aren't they can't race you or there boost gets turn off until the race is over, or if they're high stakes involved boosting is allowed against non boost.

    Actually looking into a new and different solution for the gameplay space that Boosts fill. When we get there, I'll present it out to you guys but I'm really excited about the idea!

    To give you an idea of where my head is at: Boosts make the game feel like pay to win. If you assume similar skill if you're not boosting and your opponent is, you are very unlikely to win.
  • [RR] Dupe[RR] Dupe Moderators 21 Posts

    How about a way to unfriend people without having to load their entire garage. I mean people friend me and then lobby jump back with higher rated car. And sometimes they have 500-1000 cars. And it crashes the game when I go into unfriend them. Or make it so we have to approve any friend requests.

    The whole friend system needs love - good call outs tho!
  • Mustang65Mustang65 Registered Users 290 Posts
    When on the test track we should be able to see where out car is at on the damage instead of clicking out each tiem to check or racing with damage.
  • Mustang65Mustang65 Registered Users 290 Posts
    We should also have the option to buy car in quantities like when your in the showroom instead of going to the garage and back to the showroom we should be able to choose a certain amount of a car we need and then purchase.
  • adam75beastadam75beast Registered Users 29 Posts
    @Ryyst. Make it so we can get more gems

    Racer club is way to high I never even get 1k gems it's ridiculous
  • countrybloodcountryblood Registered Users 1 Posts
    Being able to take nos, super chargers, turbos and, weight back to stock. Improved special offers that dont send you to 10.000 + pages to do and never work. More classic muscle cars. And turf cars are not reapeated several times in a row to make them more rare and more uniqe to make your garage stand out more. And the option to change your in game name should cost more then 200 gems to help prevent scamming cars or rrc even though ita not promoted.
  • FastGT3FastGT3 Registered Users 1 Posts
    The Garage Is very Dark, Maybe You Can make it lighter in next update?
  • JohnKIVJohnKIV Registered Users 3,620 Posts
    @ianmack I will take every single naked CF part that you pull. Infact I actually really like the paints and other accessories in crates. It gives me something to sell to other players makeing rrc.
  • TinakornTinakorn Registered Users 1 Posts
    Not a big change but allowing players to use emoji in private and lobby chat would be great. This used to be around have no idea why its not anymore, if there is a technical reason please inform me, thanks.
  • Spilt1Spilt1 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Get a tone/colour change in garage for tuning there's too much blue and you can't see what's installed /installing that is the biggest problem for me
  • RUALEXARURUALEXARU Registered Users 8 Posts
    It would be super that one could chat also with friends who one in a garage cars looked without without back in his garage to come! And that there would be an automatic translation !! It would also be great to send diamonds and give away!
  • RUALEXARURUALEXARU Registered Users 8 Posts
    edited February 2017
    And something else! Within 1 hours, 6 or 7 times my garage is no longer displayed please fix !! I do not want to buy a car or to start the game again
  • shafin364shafin364 Registered Users 629 Posts
    Add the option to be able to search cars by typing names. Its really hard to scroll through if you have hundreds or thousands of cars.
    Also, add the option to remove WEIGHT REDUCTION
  • AGHORAAGHORA Registered Users 2 Posts
    Buy multiple cars option in showroom. Buying 1 at a time when u want 40 cars is irritating.
  • RUALEXARURUALEXARU Registered Users 8 Posts
    What annoys me is it with the max rating !! Why do the lobbies go only to 68 and from there it is max? There are cars that are already at 71 max and the fastest cars are at 85 max that is not right! The max lobby should be split as well
  • BlessedasfckBlessedasfck Registered Users 5 Posts
    Ability to buy multiple cars at once not just one at a time!
  • Mr_BeanMr_Bean Registered Users 12 Posts
    edited February 2017
    We need a friggin Trading System!!! you are "thinking" about it since years and still couldn't make one! What makes you think you shouldn't be ashamed of yourselves? If not trades, just put in a system where old cars can be sold for rrc for fck sake!!
  • Mr_BeanMr_Bean Registered Users 12 Posts
    edited February 2017
    Also there are software's out there that people are using to get a perfect launch. How about you guys include one in game. Like pay 50 or 100 gems and the game launches the car for you with 0.001 RT.
  • DdgDktaRlzDdgDktaRlz Registered Users 15,244 Posts
    Launch button location needs to be fixed, bad.

    Upgrade color needs to contrast, not blend.

    Performance crates - new car each week... No new accessories ever?

    Higher player levels with higher rewards. 250 is nice but 500 is better. Treat those with longevity in the game better.

    Time to increase the rrc paints and rims, little stale.

    Keep the racing stripes when painted!

    Two tone paints?

    Basically more ways to personalize a car. So far 65 colors in game... Far too many of them look alike.
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  • Intel CoreIntel Core Registered Users 8 Posts
    Custom gear ratios like nitto 1320 legends had!
  • Intel CoreIntel Core Registered Users 8 Posts
    Custom graphics like Nitto 1320 legends let us do!
  • ltbt24ltbt24 Registered Users 24 Posts
    Please make the friends invite or request only. Might solve the problem of hackers being able to add your garage without you knowing or even your friends list getting full by randoms everytime you join a lobby. Thx
  • Alex2017Alex2017 Registered Users 14 Posts
    Hi Ryyst

    First of all I would like to thank you for listening to the RR community.

    I would like to inform you that it was a great idea to do the test track.

    I will leave here my suggestions to improve the experience with the game and from now on I apologize for my English, because I will be translating all this into your language

    There is a big complaint from the RR community regarding our time spent playing the game.

    Surely everyone would rather spend their available time running on turf or multiplayer which is more fun, spending boost or RRC and consequently generating profit for you

    And the most boring part is undoubtedly the time to improve the car, we spend a lot of unnecessary time with stagio 1 stagio 2 and Pro.

    Here are my suggestions that I believe will greatly improve the game without significant loss of income for you and will optimize our time:

    1º - Possibility to install the PRO parts directly without having to install stage 1 and stage 2, in this mode the amount to be paid in RRC would be added and paid only the total value of all stages to the PRO, same sum for the installation time.

    2º- In the car's upgrade screen could appear the car rating and new rating that it would be with the change of some part of the car in the same way that is shown today when we change a part / Example: Engine damage +1.70 / Power +4.69 / Weight -2.25 / Torque +5.07 / Shift Speed 0.40 / Installed stage1 / and finally rating = + B1631 or for less -B1629 or put that information anywhere else on this same screen

    3º- Improve the accuracy of the rating, because when we open the game shows the rating 1668 and when we enter the upgrade screen and leave without changing any part, simply the rating changes alone for less getting 1667

    4º - Today when I enter track with a car that has the rating 1668 appears on the screen = TRACK: H043, you could put it like this = TRACK: H043 / LOBBY: 1668

    5º - Inform and make it clear to the new runners that the car can be assembled to run in lobbys 1630/1635/1640/1645 .... and so on. It took me 1 month to figure it out, I almost gave up on the game, with this explicit information it is sure to increase the amount of new customers for you.

    6º - add a new intermediate room between lobby 1668 and Max, for example a new lobby 1672

    Let me know if it will be possible to make any of these changes or not, for technical or financial reasons

    Thank you for your attention
  • SlxyarhSlxyarh Registered Users 5,109 Posts
    fix the red flake paint it looks ugly and even a red pls also some wheels aren't fixed such as images of fpw such as gold (wby) it looks black in the picture also the blue pacers ^
  • Ravi_NakamaraRavi_Nakamara Registered Users 1,982 Posts
    I personally want easier access to RRC, or bot tournaments, because bot tournaments would help one hell of a lot in getting RRC fast if you don't wanna do deals all the time. Also, QUICKMATCH NEEDS TO HAVE A PINKING OPTION. If you can click on quickmatch, say you wanna do pinks races only, you find someone, and race! Makes for faster and more fair pinks, because I'm assuming quickmatch uses the same lobbies as turf and showdown.
  • KevoKevo Registered Users 30 Posts
    Ability to remove nos would be a wonderful addition to the game . Please change the font or make the font size bigger ! It's hard to see and read and causes eye strain after turf for several hours .
  • moparman406moparman406 Registered Users 58 Posts
    Boost is part of the game and should stay that way kind of point of racing you never know what the other player has. Players crying about boost are the same ones crying about anything costing gems they want everything for nothing if everything is free what supports the cost of the game? I know I have a ton of boost will there be a gem refund if you remove boost?
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