Just want to say thanks!

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I just wanted to say thank you to Glu for the Christmas gifts of cars and crates. I am an average player with a team that comes in 700 to 1000 place every week in turfs. It was great to receive some nice cars from all the racing that I did on the holidays. Thank you for the gifts.


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    A positive post is soooo refreshing!
    When you can do 5k regularly, hit me up. Our team is t150-200 and have spots.
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    Thanks depending on the 3 turf races, I can do 5K but sometimes I don't have the right cars for all three. Like last week B class and C class with such low point values would be hard to meet. Just like this weeks Turf B class AWD and C class honda with A class JDM might be challenging. I dont pink due to the light lagging and those who are able to get a win without ever racing. If you ever get a player who cant meet your min. Please send them to
    20 50 500 jems team. we have a low min 800 Thanks I do have a player who can do 5k what team can i send him to?
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    MAD RATTERS is our team name.
  • Johnhetu60Johnhetu60 Junior Member 26 PostsRegistered Users
    great thanks.
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