Experiencing problems in Sniper X with Jason Statham, please help!!!

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Hey guys, I was hoping you could help.

I saw the Sticky Thread about "Experiencing Issues in Sniper X with Jason Statham", and I hoped someone could help with my issues.
It happens every time I start the game up. I get about two or three missions in, then there's a knock at my door. This happens every time, and I could set my watch by it. I go to answer it, and it's Jason Statham.
He's all like: "Ey mate, could I come it?"
And I'm like: "Really Jason? Again? I'm trying to play Sniper X."
But then he just sort of barges in and sits on the couch opposite me, or next to me. He drinks my beer, and makes fun of my cat. He also gives really bad advice about playing Sniper X.

Can you guys help? I''m really experiencing issues with Jason Statham.


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