New SHVT's

Y11Y11 New Member2 PostsRegistered Users
Has anyone eliminated all 3 hvts? Any idea about these weapon parts are here for?


  • buckmaster10215buckmaster10215 New Member 19 PostsRegistered Users
    Yes I did last one you get a great shotgun just kept playing to get enough Intel to complete all three was worth it
  • Fenix_TigreFenix_Tigre 7 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited June 12
    I did as well, and the Shotgun offered as the reward was weaker than the one I already had. 
    A lot of effort for nothing!! 
    But so what? I still enjoy the game with all its senseless flaws.
    I'd just enjoy it a lot more if it worked well and if it wasn't set up to make you BUY gold just to advance easily.
    I'm now living in Spain and I no longer have any "watch video for gold" options. FML!!
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