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Skin Novela Serum increases bovine collagen manufacturing strong down the epidermis and provides all the necessary nutritional value that human demands. Skin Novela Serum will also help in order to keep epidermis hydrated and well nourished with useful nutritional value. Skin Novela Serum also increases the stiffness and thickness of the epidermis.


Eliminates the look of under eye sectors.
It also cuts down on design of epidermis.
It also increases epidermis wetness.
It will also help in countering negative results of pressure.
Revitalizes your epidermis and allows you look younger.
Precautions to follow:

Avoid eye contact with the Skin Novela Serum.
In case of allergy or any infection, contact dermatologist first than use the lotion.
Keep Skin Novela Serum away from reach of children.
Keep Skin Novela Serum in cool and dry place.
If seal is broken do not buy the lotion.

Skin Novela Click Here - http://dietpl****
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