My concern with the upcoming event

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I am genuinely very concerned with the upcoming event.  It starts in a little more than 5 days, and we have virtually no information about it except when it starts and that certain characters have “Wild Hearts”.  Will these characters be required for the event?  Will they receive bonuses?

Furthermore, and even more distressing, Glu has yet to rectify the issue regarding A/B testing with crafting requirements and it is now at risk of compounding.  If said “Wild Heart” characters have any sort of advantage or requirement in the event, those on the negative side of the A/B testing will again be at a severe disadvantage.  Not only are those players suffering in arena, campaign, and tower of endurance because they have approximately one third the tiered heroes as the fortunate players, but chances are they didn’t have the resources available to invest in any of the “Wild Heart” characters.  This would result in them having a much harder time in the event and the risk of not getting as many rewards as another, more fortunate, player.

@MeatheadMilitia, I know you are just the spokesperson, but please pass the following along:
The A/B testing created a wildly uneven playing field.  Those affected by it are at a disadvantage now, and will continue to be for the lifespan of the game.  It is completely unjust to have different conditions for different players based solely on a randomly determined assignment of a testing group.  It is also insulting to those players to continually tell them “as a beta player you will have an advantage over global release players”. These current players are suffering right now and you are at the risk of losing some of them. 

As a player that benefitted from both of the known A/B testing situations, I implore you, please compensate these players appropriately BEFORE the start of the Wild Hearts event. 


  • LudgateLudgate Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    I regret seeing that I was correct and that the event will require specific characters.  @MeatheadMilitia is this being looked into at all?  I’m a little disappointed at the lack of acknowledgement that this is even an issue. 
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    You were definitely right Ludgate, this new event needs specific characters. Now this wouldn't normally be a problem, since we got 18 days to prepare for these characters, the problem is though, it takes 18 days to get materials to tier 5, for ONE character! 

    Just wanna make my statement on the A/B testing. Yes, this has defintely created an uneven battlefield, however, I myself was on the positive side of the A/B testing but I didn't have the level, the characters or the materials to utilize this advantage, that I didn't even know I had. Now, new players or players that started when the material cost got increased for all players, they are at an even more disadvantage. So it will be really hard to compensate some players and not others, the solution I'm thinking of is to decrease the material cost for all players in general, since it's simply too high. The battlefield is uneven I can only agree on that.
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