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May Passholder Infographic: 

Hey Summoners!

I hope you're doing well. 

As you've noticed, we have been evolving and adjusting the Passholder since we entered our Beta. 

While we continue to improve and try new things with Passholder, we wanted to come to you and gather some feedback :) 

If you're willing, we'd love to know what you Like, Don't like and what you want to see from Passholder Quests and Rewards

In an effort to keep things top level only, please use the below format when providing your feedback. Thank you! :) 




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  • wombat90wombat90 Registered Users, Member 12 Posts

    1. Cool Aladdin skin
    2. Better rewards and tokens
    3. Quests to lvl passholder faster

    1. Should be gems only
    2.  Some quests was out before required character was
    3. Bad rewards other than xp for quests

    1. More gold from quests
    2. Maybe Harder quests give some tokens or some other reward
    3. A bit less grind quest. Some got really booring to do

  • LudgateLudgate Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    1. Gives something new to do
    2. Forces you to use different characters and strategies
    3.  Talismans are fun

    1. Different purchase requirements for some accounts 
    2. Some quests are very easy while some are hard
    3. Rewards are often trivial

    1. Reward more gold (maybe scaled to level?)
    2. Can we get a preview of upcoming quests before we can work on them?
    3. Make it either diamonds for everyone or cash for everyone.  Please stop having different conditions running concurrently. 
  • bumble2beebumble2bee Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    1 talismans
    2 using different characters to battle
    3 passholder can be completed for free

    1 passholder gold costs real $$ for only select people 
    2 some quests a little heavy on grinding 
    3 rewards are low compared to investment 

    1 revert to the passholder of season 1 with costs and rewards involving gems
    2 make sure that everybody has access to required characters before the quest starts
    3 gold should scale with character level for completed quests
  • FreiteezFreiteez Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    I agree with others pros and cons. My biggest con being I skipped this event because it’s gems for some but costs real $$$ for me so unlike the Merida and Robin Hood events I didn’t try in this one and that’s sad cause the rewards looked cool but unfair some have to pay to get them and others just use gems. 
  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    1 Three characters and a spell to focus on and level is a good amount. More would be frustrating and spread us too thin, especially in the current econony. Less would be boring (though see my suggestion) because many of us at level 50+ have no real reason to level specific smaller characters so it is a bit hit and miss what we decide to focus on. Having passholder direct our attention to a small subset while maintaining our top characters with the odd random thrown in feels like I am getting somewhere.

    2 Lots of quests that require different compliations of skills. I like trying to find the right mix and the right place to do them. And it gives us a reason to focus on certain other characters.

    3 Talismens. Anyone who plays a game like this already has a collector’s gene in their DNA. Giving us even more things to collect is smart.

    1 The variable drop rate on tokens. I think the drop rate should be 1 + a variable number so you are guarenteed 5 each day and each gem reset. For the last two days, I have used the 200 gem reset on Jasmin and gotten 0 tokens in my attempt to get a 6th star. That is 400 tokens for 0 gems which I should have been using on Grand Adventure. I won’t do that again now. Had I gotten a guarenteed 5 regardless and no extra variable tokens, the frustration would have been less so you may have gotten more gems from me over the next week. Now you won’t.

    2 I realize that you need to keep a good balance between XP for passholder and passholder gold so both can attain a lot, but I am sitting on a ton of useless passholder XP. I have many quests not completed since I got Tier 50 already before Week 4 quests came out.

    3 The unfairness of one group paying gems and the other cash. Especially considering that had I bought gems for 55 NOK, I would have gotten 540 gems. The passholder cost 499 gems for that group. It cost me real life money AND I effectively paid more than the gem-payers. I lost out on the additional 51 gems. Double whammy of negative feelings.

    1 Useless passholder gold XP.  I want to play. I paid to play. Give me motivation to actually do the grindy quests I have left. Put in tons of fun, long quests that have weird and unique tricks to solve, but make the XP useful as a reward beyond getting you to Tier 50. Once someone gets Tier 50, the extra passholder XP should become a currency that can be used to buy packs of gold or runes. Or maybe make a passholder fillbar for the event’s quests completed, ala daily quests with DWD, with a secret gift box at the end if you complete them all? (But make sure the contents of the gift box are amazing).

    2 Give us a hint at the beginning of Week 4 with a teaser for what the next month’s passholder event will be about. Some people will be finished for the month an hour or two after the Week 4 quests release. So make it so that as people start to finish up the month’s work, they can turn their attention forward and start prepping for the next. 

    3 I said under Pros that 3 characters and a spell was a good balance. That is only partially true. I was prepared for dealing with that this month. April was also a good sense of accomplishment with two characters and three spells but again I was prepared for that due to a more resilient economy in the past. However, in the current econony, I would not be able to handle a similar event in June. Then I would get very demotivated and feel like I was falling behind. So my suggestion is to balance passholder month by month so a month with a lot of focus (and therefore costs) leads to a slower month where you still have a sense of accomplishment but you have time to recover your stores. Or better yet, fix the econony, (but that is a theme for another post .....)
  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    4. Add in a special feature if you fight with a set of characters with the same tag. If you fight with Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie (maybe Iago too?), you should get some kind of synergy bonus. That would increase motivation, reward focussed work, and appeal to the aforementioned collector gene in all of us 😀
  • MeatheadMilitiaMeatheadMilitia Registered Users, Administrator, Moderators, Member, Moderator 463 Posts
    Really appreciate you all taking the time to fill this out! 

    I'm going to consolidate it and pass it along to the rest of the team. 

    Thank you! :) 
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
  • KH_DonaldKH_Donald Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    + Pros:
    1. Collecting tokens, talismans and outfits are fun!
    2. Reaching tier 50 isn't too hard
    3. There is synergy with the rewards of the Passholder quests and the current event.

    - Cons:
    1. Some players can get Passholder Gold for free (with gems) while others must pay with money.
    2. Once you reach tier 50, there is no point in doing the rest of the quests (rewards aren't rewarding enough)
    3. All the rewards for each tier should be visible in the interface.

    ! Suggestions: 
    1. Make Passholder Gold equal for everyone. Either we all pay with money, or with gems. If you go for money: The rewards should be greater than they are now, or the price should be a bit lower.
    2. The price to purchase a tier up should be the same from 49 to 50 as it is from 1 to 2.
    3. You should get 50% of the outfit tokens from the free passholder if the length of each passholder period is 1 month long, since it will take a very long time to go through 3 of the same passholder events.
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