Club Dungeon quests need a fix

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The club dungeon club quest of “deal 1,250,000” damage is unattainable.  

To illustrate how hard it is, I sneakily did 4 yesterday in the last few hours (between the Club Dungeon and my personal resets).  So today my attacks were 5 through 8.  In those 8 attacks, I managed to get through 6 doors.  And my total damage today was 12, 210.

One player so far has surpassed 25k damage (he has 26,188).  Today he did doors 5 through 8.  So it’s theoretically possible if someone gets the first 4 doors right, and all 50 do doors 5 through 8.  However, since some club members have their reset when cavern crawl resets, it’s practically impossible since they’d be required to do their attacks between midnight and 5 am.

Not to mention that the person going first would have to guess correctly all 4 times (1 in 625 chance).

So assuming we could coordinate everyone to take advantage of the extra reset (which we can’t), and Club Dungeon is once a week, we could on average succeed once every 625 weeks (that’s once every 12 years)

-25000 average is impossible
-Requires insane luck (1 in 625 chance)
-With perfect coordination can succeed once every 12 years

1) Eliminate the damage quests and just have the number of enemies defeated quests
2) Move the damage ones to the end of the week when we are fighting stronger enemies and therefore can actually complete it.


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    We actually talked about the above this morning and we plan on revisiting, it's just not at the top of our list right now :) 
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