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Speed Meter / Haste / Slow

We’ve discovered an unintended issue with Speed Meter-affecting mechanics (such as Haste and Slow) that was causing some largescale turn-order issues. The underlying issue has been corrected and these mechanics are now behavior properly. Players will no longer experience significant advantages (such as Slowed Characters missing turns entirely) as a result of this fix.

Daily Quest for the Exchange

With the economical adjustments that occurred as part of version 8.0, it has become evident that making numerous Exchange purchases can put an undesirable burden on players within the mid and upper levels in order to complete the Daily Quest. As such, all players 30 to 49 will now only require two purchases in order to complete it. Players level 50 to 60 will now only require a single purchase in order to complete. This change will take affect for each player upon beginning a new series of Daily Quests.




·         Now has a base amount of Recovery.


·         “Bare Necessities” now properly has an impact effect for Health Restored to teammates.

Buzz Lightyear

·         “Galactic Punch” now properly deals the intended damage over the additional hits upon Follow Up.


·         “Friend Like Me” may no longer affect Genie.


·         Corrected an issue where a pair of enchanted Gear icons were missing alongside their name and descriptions.

Madam Mim

·         “Withering Seep” no longer spreads Stun, Charm, Polymorph, or Sleep effects.


·         “Choose Your Fate" - No longer begins with full Magic. and has received a slight damage reduction.

Queen of Hearts

·         “All Ways are My Ways” now properly affects all opponents.


·         “Precision Strike”

  • Now begins a battle with 3 out of 4 Magic.
  • Base damage reduced 2.8125 => 2.6875
  • Base Bonus Damage reduced 2.875 => 0.875
  • (LVL 3) upgrade changed +50% base damage dealt => +50% follow up damage dealt

Shere Khan

·         Now properly receives additional statistics upon increasing of Gear Tiers.

·         “Element of Surprise”

  • Now begins a battle with 3 out of 5 Magic.
  • Base damage reduced 3.25 => 3
  • (LVL 3) upgrade changed +50% damage dealt => +10% bonus damage dealt.


·         “Hakuna Matata” now properly grants Health Shield and Defense Up.


·         “Not Boo’s Door” no longer deals excessive amounts of Bonus Damage to opponents afflicted with Fear.


·         “YeeHaw!” no longer requires choosing a teammate to execute the ability.



·         (LVL 4) now checks their chance to inflict Stun on the non-primary opponents on a per-opponent basis.


·         A small portion of players preexisting version 8.0 may have encountered an issue with Grand, Heroes, or Villains Campaign progress is inexplicably halted. This is a result of the level requirements for individual Stages being changed as part of 8.0. All players affected by this issue are now granted unfettered access to progress within the Stage until reaching the next locked Stage.

·         Corrected an issue where Villains 3-D was rewarding more Fire Extract (T4) than intended.

·         Corrected an issue where Villains 7-B (Elite) now properly has a chance to earn Gamma Ability Runes

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