Update 8.1 Patch Notes

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Hello Summoners! We are excited to announce update 8.1 is live! 

Global Character Health increase by Star:

·         4* = 4%

·         5* = 12%

·         6* = 24%

·         7* = 30%


Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 11.19.31 AM

Splash Mountain Soak


  • Base Level: Deal damage to all opponents and inflict Slow for 1 turn.
  • Upgrade Level 4: Increase duration of Slow by 1.


  • Base Level: Deal damage to all opponents and decrease the Magic Charge of a random ability on each opponent by 1.
  • Upgrade Level 4: Decrease the Magic Charge of ALL abilities on each opponent by 1.


Snowgies functionality has been updated. See below for details. NOTE: Any functionality that is not mentioned below will continue to behave the same as it did before.

  • Charge Speed increased to be the same as Magic Meteor.
  • Snowgies no longer have 100% chance to stun primary target at base. Instead it is now a 25% chance to stun at base, that is upgraded to 40% at level 4.
  • Snowgies no longer affects all opponents at base. Instead, at base it inflicts Stun for 1 turn on the primary target and inflicts Slow for 1 turn on the primary target and 1 other random opponent.
  • Upgrade level 2: Changed from +1 Slow duration => +1 opponent affected
  • Upgrade level 3: Changed from +1 Slow duration => +15% chance to inflict Stun (on the primary target)
  • Upgrade level 4: Changed from 30% chance to inflict Stun on other opponents => +1 opponent affected

Sugar Rush

·         Now takes longer to activate

Magical Meteor

Change summary:
Stun has been removed from Magical Meteor. Damage was decreased at starting level, but upgrade damage was increased. These changes are meant to address the Magical Meteor being overly effective vs. enemies in early game, while maintaining the strength at later levels with max upgrades.

Change details:

  • Changed per level damage at level 1 from 32 => 12
  • Changed Level 2 Upgrade: 50% chance to inflict Stun on primary target => +50% damage dealt
  • Changed Level 3 Upgrade: +20% damage dealt => +50% damage dealt
  • Changed Level 4 Upgrade: + 25% chance to inflict Stun on target opponent => +50% damage dealt


Improved Reverse Lookup

·         Improved way to find the thing you’re looking for

Improved Clickable characters

·         Click boxes increased on most characters (Sorry Anger) in battle

Reduce Time to Attack – The amount of time to preform an attack has been reduced

·         Your initial attack will be longer so you can assess the opponent’s lineup

Bug Fix

Charm – Charmed characters no longer fire off your spells automatically

Clock Tower – When you turn into a pumpkin your turn is skipped

Club Dungeon – Defeated Units are now being calculated

Various backend bugs and fixed

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