Content Update - 12/18/2019 - Economy Changes + More

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Economy Changes


·         Redistributed the acquisition of Gear and its associated components. All Gear pieces, or components, are now accessible throughout the Heroes and Villains Campaigns as well as the appropriate Summoner Challenges. All drop chances have also been increased. This means that *no components or Gear items* are exclusively within Exchanges or ELITE battles.

·         Adjusted all recipes for T3, T4, T5, and T6 Gear. With the placement of the components required for crafting interspersed throughout the Heroes, Villains, and appropriate Summoner Challenges – all recipes have been affected.

Character Tokens

·         Redistributed all Character Tokens across Grand, Heroes Elite, and Villains Elite Campaigns.


·         Adjusted the Grand and Campaign Energy requirements in order to enter many of the Battles. Due to the above adjustments, this was a necessary step in order to maintain health of the game economy.

·         Free Campaign and Grand Energy has been adjusted in accordance to the above economic changes. Grand Energy is now only once per day at 7pm local time for a quantity of 60. Campaign Energy remains at the 12pm, 5pm, and 7pm local times but now gives a quantity of 40.

Campaign Changes

·         Reduced the number of battles within Grand, Stage 2. Associated Lifetime Quests have been adjusted accordingly.

·         Reduced the number of battles within Heroes, Stage 2. Associated Lifetime Quests have been adjusted accordingly.

·         Elite Stages now properly unlock upon both claiming of the prior treasure chest and the required Player Level of the non-Elite battles of the same stage.

·         Changed the Player Level requirements for all campaign stage unlocks. Player who have already had a stage unlocked will not be affected even if they are below the new level requirement.



Characters + Spells –

Ariel and Simba – Leader abilities properly update the Maximum health of teammates

Rafiki “Wise Move” – Now performs as intended

Mortal Potion – Secondary Trait now creates a copy of Continuous Damage as intended when Hades is on your team

Splash Mountain Soak – Secondary effect was increasing the magic of the opponent, this has been fixed

Shan Yu – “Sense Weakness” now correctly increases Kingdom allies speed



Quests –

Summon Trigger Tower Quest now functioning as intended


Fixes –

Passholder XP – VIP auto-win now provides the accurate amount of Passholder XP


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