Buying Aladdin Token Packs is Bugged

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I am not sure where the best place to post this is but people, DO NOT BUY the 5-330 Aladdin tokens packs!!!

I have purchased 3 of them just to be sure and I have received exactly 8 tokens each time! The odds of that happening are absolutely astronomical so I am not buying that it’s random at all!

If there is some hidden mechanic that states I can only get a specific number then that should be specified before I send my gems off.

This is easily worth quitting the game over.

It takes a week at least to generate that many gems so a weeks work down the drain for what, 24 Aladdin tokens? Amazing work!

Submitted a ticket and got offered zero refund either which I think is ridiculous as this is CLEARLY a bug.


  • LudgateLudgate 58 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I think you are operating under the false assumption that there are 326 possible results from the pack and that there is an equal probability for each one.  Nowhere is this stated as being the case.  Unfortunately, the chances of getting a lower prize are much higher than getting anything over 25 tokens in a pack.  I am really sorry if this wasn't clear before you purchased the packs but this is the industry standard.  In the future, I would suggest that you only purchase the packs if you would be satisfied getting the minimum result, and then treating anything over that as a bonus.  On the plus side, you did get a better return on your gems than if you had spent them on the same thing in the premium shop.

    Also, to be very clear, I am not defending the way the packs are done (I am not judging them either way in this response).  I am simply explaining how they work so that you and others can be better informed going forward.
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    False assumption? Look at the picture and see what kind of assumption a rational person should operate under?? You said it doesn’t state anywhere that I have equal chance but what exactly am I supposed to induce from this? “You have 100% chance to get 5-330 tokens” how in the world do you interpret this as “not marking anywhere I have an equal chance” Thanks for your input but industry standard aside there is absolutely nothing marked here to lead me to believe that I don’t have an equal chance at getting any of the outcomes. See picture posted.

    Honestly don’t even care too much just don’t want other people buying into this clearly miss labeled product.

    Thank you for the heads up @Ludgate

  • LudgateLudgate 58 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Using the exact same logic you used, where does it state that you DO have an equal chance?  There is absolutely nothing marked there to lead you to believe that you do have that equal chance.  You inferred something that was not implied.

    Character tokens in the premium shop go for 50 to 150 gems per token, depending on the character.  Let’s assume Aladdin is 50 per (I can’t verify right now since he’s not in mine, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt since he’s farmable).  Would any “rational person” (your words) assume the developers would give them to players for 1.06 gems each with any regularity?  That’s more than a 97% discount!  I don’t think so.

    I am sorry but that’s not how variable rewards work.
  • pongiepongie 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Instead of displaying 100% chance of 5-330, the store should be more clear. Eg. 30% chance of 5, 40% chance of 8, 20% chance of 25, 5% chance of 50, 3% chance of 100, 2% chance of 330. 
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    @pongie Thank you for the feedback, ill let the team know of your suggestion. 
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