9.0 Update - LIVE

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Update 9.0 is LIVE

Lion King Event – February 3 – February 13

Scar's Lair: The Vile Caver

Face off against a horde of empowered Hyenas

Scar's Lair: The Boneyard

Fight against empowered Hyenas and the Bone Skull Hyena

Scar's Lair: The Final Showdown

Defeat Scar


Token Shop – Extra Outfit tokens are now converted to Token Exchange currency

Updated Impact timings – Better visual timings between character interactions

Club Notification Chat Tab

Store Overhaul

UI/UX Improvements

1st Time Gem purchase bonus

Old Sorcerer Tournament currency visual
New Sorcerer Tournament currency visual


Character Update:

- [CINDER SWIPE] Increased chance to inflict Defense Down at ability level 2 of Scar's "Cinder Swipe" ability from 30% to 50%.

- [BE PREPARED]: Increased Scar's Hyena's Offense from 25% of Scar's to 80%. Increase Scar's Hyena's Health from 20% to 25%.

- [BE PREPARED] Increased chance for Scar's Hyena's to gain Life Drain on spawn from 30% to 50% at base level.

- [BE PREPARED] Summon 1 - 2 Hyenas instead of just 1.

- [LONG LIVE THE KING] Increased chance for Scar to assist teammates who are attacking with their basic attack from 10% to 20%. For LION KING teammates increased this chance from 20% to 50%

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