Upcoming Client and Content Updates

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You will be seeing two updates happening back to back, so instead of posting two update posts, I'm going to throw everything all into one. 

NEW Override Currency – New Chests to open: 1x, 5x, and 10x

Gear pieces now drop in the Grand Pack


Club Conquest Rewards

Club Conquest Battle Times

Daily Max of Club Currency and adjusted the cost of items in Club Exchange to reflect that

Per Level Rewards for Tower of Endurance

Daily Quest Rewards for Tower of Endurance

Sorcerer’s Stone Recipes – Flawed and Regular only (Preparing for reintroducing to game: TBD)

Rewards for Ability Mat Challenge

Campaign Prize Box rewards

Character Token Drops in Grand Pack



Bringing back weekly payout for PvP Arena + Season Ending Payout (Will reflect in future, not current Season)

Gear has been removed from tower exchange – Secondary gear drops have been increased on Campaign nodes

Gold has been removed from the Gear Summoner’s Challenge

Override Tokens have been added to the VIP exchange

Trigger Tower Summon attack bug has been fixed

Jack Skellington “Zero!” ability now inflicts Offense Down

New Club Conquest Schedule (times in PDT)

Registration Phase: Friday 10am - Saturday 11am

Matchmaking: Saturday 11am - Saturday 12pm

Planning Phase: Saturday 12pm - Sunday 8am

Battle1: Sunday 8am - Monday 12am

Downtime: Monday 12am - Monday 8:00am

Battle2: Monday 8am - Tuesday 12am

Downtime: Tuesday 12am - Tuesday 8:00am

Battle3: Tuesday 8am - Wednesday 12am

Downtime: Wednesday 12am - Wednesday 8:00am

Battle4: Wednesday 8am - Thursday 12am

Rewards: Thursday 12am - Friday 10am

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